Book1: Siu Lim Tao "The Little Idea"

Wing Chun Kung Fu is the Chinese Kung Fu style which spread fastest during the second half of the last century. Master Ip Man was the rst to publicly teach Wing Chun in Hong Kong in the 1950s and helped the Wing Chun style gain global significance as teacher of famous Bruce Lee.

Ip Man (1893-1972) developed a Wing Chun style based on 6 relatively small movement forms containing the most important concepts and the principles of the Wing Chun style.

Part 1 of this series by Sifu Horst Drescher extensively explains the rst form of Ip Man's Wing Chun style in pictures and written form to learn by yourself, and the principles contained in it, in a logical context.

The Siu Lim Tao or "Little Idea" covers the knowledge of the correct stand, the "inner force" ("Gung Lik") and their correct applications ("Ging") and the "eight gates", the different angles for self-defense. All eight elements combined are the foundation for Wing Chun, one of the most effective and easiest self-defense systems.

Horst Drescher, the author, was born 1970 and learned the authentic Wing Chun style in Ip Man's family's tradition and practiced it for 24 now. In this series he made it a task for himself to explain Ip Man's Wing Chun style completely.

Book1: Siu Lim Tao "The Little Idea"
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