The Logo of our Wing Chun Community


In the Asian philosophy of life, in Buddhism, and in Taoism, the circle is the symbol for the absolute, the Dao, from which every existence begins and from which the contradictions of the world, the Yin and Yang, result.

For this reason I have chosen black and white as colors for the association.

The circle of the logo is the sign of the philosophy of martial arts and for our strive to better understand ourselves, life and nature and to perfect martial arts with training.

It therefore also represents the wish to keep on learning, to keep an open mind with which face other people and life itself.


For the Association the circle signals the philosophy of fighting and the lived reality of the community.

Us martial arts fighters have dedicated ourselves to the ethics that has respect towards all humans and especially towards our training partners, colleagues, the association and the family at its heart.

Having the absolute in mind, we still are limited and can only strive to come close to perfection. This imperfection is pictured with a small rupture in the circle.

The little man shows the classical Tan Sao position from the Siu Lim Tao, because the Tan Sao is a very characteristic hand technique of Wing Chun and probably is best characterized in comparison to other martial arts.

The writing to the left of the Tan Sao – man says ‘Ip Man Wing Chun’ .