Dai Sifu Horst Drescher

Personal History

Horst Drescher M.A. phil.

Martial Arts since 1988

since 1992

Training in various Wing Chun styles


First teaching degree Leung Ting Wing Tsun in the European Wing Tsun Organization


Trainer in the German Wing Chun Association

2006 - 2011

Personal student of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, Great Britain

2007 to date

Personal student of Grandmaster Trevor Jefferson, Great Britain

Master Samuel Kwok is a master student of the two sons of Ip Man. He began his training with Grandmaster Ip Chun, and later continued under Grandmaster Ip Ching, the younger son. Samuel Kwok’s Wing Chun is more like Ip Ching, whose Wing Chun excelled in the fighting qualities.

Master Trevor Jefferson was master student of Samuel Kwok before becoming a student of Grandmaster Ip Chun whose Wing Chun is laying the focus more on passing on the principles.

Learning and understanding Wing Chun was a long and difficult path.

This path often required fundamental changes and the will to abandon movement sequences practiced for years and to test and practice new sequences if they happened to be a progress.

This fact on its own resulted in a permanent evolution and improvement of the understanding of Ip Man’s Wing Chun system.

The many years for experience with various Wing Chun associations and their different interpretations of the basic principles and teaching methods led me to understanding that the different styles vary enormously and have little to do with the original Wing Chun by Ip Man.

Because of the synthesis of influences by the two master students Samuel Kwok and Trevor Jefferson and their teachers, Ip Ching the fighter and Ip Chung the educated we may claim to be very close to the original way of Wing Chun by Ip Man.

This alone is enough reason to conserve the knowledge of the simplicity of the original system and to pass it on.