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An independent community for Wing Chun Kung Fu, founded in 2010.


Ip Man Wing Chun Germany

Leading image and aims of the community

Ip Man Wing Chun Germany was founded in 2012 aiming to establish traditional Wing Chun.

After a couple years of establishing a small school in Rheine, it is about time to take further steps to raise awareness of Wing Chun in Germany.

In an environment in which Wing Chun gained its popularity by its changed form of ‘reformed Wing Tsin’ from the 70s, the original Wing Chun was changed multiple times, and due to the many secessions from the large Association the variation of Wing Tsun", "Wing Tjun", "Ving Tsun", "Wing Tzun", "Wing Tschun" kept growing and one assumes it is vital to keep inventing in every direction.

However, the original simplicity was lost on the way.

We want to make sure the Ip Man family system of Wing Chun Kung Fu in its authentic form is conserved and is completely and methodically spread.

This includes passing on the outer forms and inner principles as I have learnt them from my masters, and to include an explanation of the principles.

The complete depiction is a means of education for the interested that has already made contact with the Wing Chun system and who strives to improve his Wing Chun and faces the open questions and contradictions that often stall the progress of learning.

One comes to the conclusion that the modern Wing Chun, or whatever it is called, is not what was taught by Ip Man. There are many changes in the Wing Chun system which excels in the simplicity of 6 small movement forms.

Because if one claims to be in the tradition of the Wing Chun of Grandmaster Ip Man, ones Wing Chun, or whatever it is called in an association teaching it, has to be measured against what was originally taught by Ip Man.

It is also recorded that Grandmaster Ip Man has made his two sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching, heirs of his style since they have learnt his Wing Chun best. They were at Ip Mans side the longest of all students, and that is reason enough to make them his heirs.

Everything else is a wrong depiction of history, even though the rumors of a ‘Closed-Door-student’ and the claim Ip Man had never taught his sons Wing Chun still are being told.

Besides the changes of the outer forms the inner forms have also been changed radically which led to a formless Wing Chun that does not have anything to do with the fighting style of Ip Man.

This is the main reason for us to found a new Association that earns its name. In a mainly commercial environment we find it important to create an association which has as its task to describe and pass on the original Wing Chun by Ip Man.

Many associations are basically businesses and the economic interests drive the invention of new ‘innovations’ to artificially prolong the process of learning Wing Chun. Founding a new association, operating on a non-profit basis, inherits the decision to allow everyone access to the system of Wing Chun.

Teaching the differences between Ip Man Wing Chun and other Wing Tsun systems is one task; it is however another to teach Wing Chun in simplicity so everyone is able to participate, without the whole procedure of Grandmaster thing leaders of other associations hold high.

We call ourselves ‘Ip Man Wing Chun Deutschland’ (Ip Man Wing Chun Germany) to make it obvious we still teach the Wing Chun passed on from Ip Man to his sons.

And to make it clear that we will spread this Wing Chun in Germany.

We want to help the authentic Ip Man Wing Chun claim the position it deserves.

And why is it we do so? Because nobody else does!

Those who do have the knowledge like my former Sifu Samuel Kwok have had numerous substitutes which he regularly fired to start cooperating with others. This development does not do the spreading of Ip Man Wing Chun any good.

Therefore, this association will secure both, the high standard of Ip Man Wing Chun and the excellent training of instructors.

Wing Chun Dao welcomes everyone who wishes to conserve and continue the standards of the Ip Man family.

Those who wish to qualify as practice instructors, assistants or trainers within our community are welcome to contact us.

If you are an independent trainer who wishes to be part of a community and be sure the standard of your Wing Chun aligns with the standard of the Ip Man family system you are also very welcome to contact us.

We are looking forward to helping everyone wishing to become certified and be recognized as trainers in the authentic line of the Ip Man family system.


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The site is still under construction and is continuously improved!

Sifu Horst Drescher


Students and trainers who wish to become members of the community:

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