Book2: Chum Kiu "Finding the Bridge"

Part 2 of this series by Sifu Horst Drescher extensively explains the second form of Ip Man’s Wing Chun style in pictures and written form to learn by yourself, and the principles contained in it, in a logical context. The Cum Kiu or »Finding the bridge« covers the knowledge of how ghting in Wing Chun works as a melee system. The three combat principles are the foundation of the Wing Chun system. In this book, the three principles are explained in detail for the rst time. This book is the rst book ever to explain the structure of the second Wing Chun form and its context with the 3 combat principles and the associated step work! An absolute novelty in the Wing Chun world!

The Chum Kiu includes
- taking the training stand,
- in the first part the central line theory,
- in the second part the three fighting principles, the "5 elements", the "extended center line" and "Yu Ma“,
- in the third part "Sip Ma", the "three-angle stand"
- in the 4th part "Biu Ma", the "piercing step"
- in the 5th part the theory of kicks.
- All hand position of Chum Kiu in front and side view for comprehension and self-learning.

Book2: Chum Kiu "Finding the Bridge"
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