Finally: The complete knowledge about Ip Man Wing Chun in word and picture to read and learn

The new publication series ‘Ip Man Wing Chun’ from Dai Sifu Horst Drescher is here!

Did you already learn Wing Tsun or any other Wing Chun style for years and wonder why one learns a single form in multiple years without really knowing why? Or do you ask yourself why it could make sense to learn a stand that seemingly has nothing to do with self defense? Or why a certain hand movement is executed just like this, and not any other way?

The publication series from Sifu Horst Drescher gives the answers!

The reader learns why the forms in Wing Chun Kung Fu are so important and why it cannot be without them. The forms are the teaching plan of Wing Chun and contain the principles of Wing Chun. The structure of the Wing Chun forms is not random; the connection between form and principles is displayed in detail.

Extracts from:  PART 1 (Siu Lim Tao)

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