Theo Banner

Hello my name is Theo Banner. Im 30 years and i was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan in the U. S. I began my wing chun training at Ambrose Academy in Livonia, Mi 2012. Due to financial issues i had to stop attending class. However my passion for the art only grew stronger. I continued training on my own and one day while i was researching information on wing chun i came across the website

I read through the different articles on the site and i loved how all of the information was presented. Everything was simple ,direct and easy to understand. I immediately bookmarked the site. Upon finishing i saw That you could write an email with any questions and so i did. I was writing to say thank you for the wonderful website. I have seen several things like this on various sites and i never thought i would get a response. About a day later I received an email back from Sifu Horst Drescher who took immediate interest in how i was doing with my training. I have over 100 question that I have presented to sifu Horst about the wing chun system and there has not been one that he has not answered clearly. I have seen tremendous improvements in my training since I found Sifu Horst Drescher and this amazing website Sifu Horst demonstrates his mastery on every level. His wisdom on the art and willingness to share it the way he does so genuinely is truly remarkable.

Im thankful for Sifu Horst and wing chun dao. Thank you Sifu Horst Drescher, thank you for the wonderful website and for all you do. Im proud to be your student.