Reporting experiences - Norbert Meyer

My name is Norbert Meyer.

I have been interested in martial arts since I was a teenager. Because my interest kept increasing I turned to several martial arts and specialized in certain areas. These were Aikido, Karate, boxing and Ju-Jutsu. After many years of hard training one question remained unanswered:

How does our body work in a fight and what opportunities do my own biomechanics offer me?

None of all the martial arts I have practiced to that point was able to give an answer. I understood that every martial art on its own was limited and caught in its system. I had limits of learning concerning the ways I was able to use my own body in a fight. In the end, this leads to executing movements that are physically and biomechanically far from optimal.

I was still not sufficiently pleased. Studying movements without gaining the background knowledge makes the movements bad or not applicable at all. During my search for a solution I found the Wing Tsun system of a large German association. To my surprise, they were unable to answer my questions as well. But my former research about Wing Tsun/Chun clearly showed that Wing Tsun/Chun was rather a principle than a fighting system. I knew for for Wing Tsun was the answer to my question.

It was only through the contact to Sifu Horst Drescher of the IMWCD that I understood Wing Tsun is not the same as Wing Chun. Horst needed not more than 5 minutes to show me the large differences between the systems. The Wing Chun taught by Sifu Horst Drescher is a system of structures and it has fix principles explaining situations.

After this introduction it was impossible for me to return to the large Wing Tsun association. It was obvious they taught a Wing Tsun without principles, merely a random fighting system. Wing Chun on the other hand is everything but random. It is the answer to the question: How do I always fight with an advantage over the attacker?

I am happy to be learning the Wing Chun Sifu Horst Drescher teaches.

All my questions were answered. Logical and understandable!

Norbert Meyer, 49716 Meppen